The increasing globalization and the resulting competition and cost pressure requires a global optimization of the production networks.

An essential success factor are optimum shift transitions and a global knowledge management to significantly enhance plant availability and to guarantee a high product yield. Thus e.g. in the field of digital shift books the research efforts can be reduced by over 90% with New Solutions Finito and thus worldwide knowledge databases can be realized in Global Footprint of the production networks in a highly effective manner.

Unforeseen standstills of plants or breakdowns of important plant units are often connected with breakdown costs of several ten thousand Euros per hour.

All malfunctions and measures for trouble-shooting must be reported in a company-wide shift book. Based on these data you can prepare malfunction analyses to localize the weak points and thus to raise the plant availability and to optimize the production costs.

Finito brings about a high cost-benefit-efficiency especially with respect to an international application. New Solutions customers are reporting about the following ratio-potentials:

  • Reduction of the expenditure for capture by up to 60%
  • Reduction of the expenditure for capture by up to 80%
  • Reduction of the expenditure for capture by up to 90%

A multi-lingual homogenous company-wide data gathering platform saves IT costs (Example: Replacement of an individually developed tool by Finito will save 50% of the running support costs).

Improved TPM by means of statistics and knowledge data base functionality. Statistic evaluation by means of classification of failure and error sources and collection of solution proposals.