In the fields of production and maintenance a lot of potential is hidden for increasing performance and efficiency. With the software solution Finito - Digital Shift Book these processes can be optimized.

Disturbances and malfunctions can easily be detected and commissioned through the malfunction message management as an order to the internal or external maintenance personnel. This way, the repair and maintenance assignments are being documented and can later be evaluated according to the most different criteria (disturbance and malfunction analysis).

After the repair work, an order feedback is given with the measures taken and if necessary, improvement suggestions for supporting the CIP (Continuous Improvement Process).

Demanding instruction workflows including automated escalation in case of malfunctions or category 1 events can be mapped.

Other maintenance systems such as e.g. SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) can be linked via standard interfaces.

Through the global knowledge management and the company-wide search option for similar malfunctions, the efficiency of maintenance can be increased in a sustainable way.

Faster problem solutions will lead to shorter repair times and thus to a higher degree of availability and productivity of the plant.

A categorization and prioritization of the malfunctions allows an evaluation according to critical events involving a plant breakdown and non-critical events which can be corrected during the ongoing production process.

For regular maintenance work that must be carried out, serial orders with a configurable repetition rhythm can be set.