Automatic Information Workflows in the company
Automatic Information Workflows in the company

In the communication between production and the various company levels up to the company management there is much potential for increasing the efficiency. With the software solution Finito - Digital Shift Book the communication processes can be controlled in a semi- or fully automated mode.

The transmission of information and instructions can occur from the production level to superior company divisions or from the company management to production (vertical communication). Also an information transfer on the same level (horizontal communication) can be supported.

All information, messages and instructions are stored in a company-wide revision-safe system and documented in a traceable record. Finito offers an acknowledgement function and status tracing.

Elaborate communication workflows including automated escalation for important information or category 1 events can be mapped.
Through dynamic prioritization and categorization of information a filtered and hierarchically concentrated information transfer between company management and the company will take place.

Hierarchical report functions for visualizing of communication:

  • Evaluation according to shift, line, works or works network predefined
  • Evaluation according to freely defined priorities / escalation mechanism possible
  • Flexible configuration of reports based on the integrated rights system


Compared to traditional communication means such as phone, email or handwritten messages Finito Digital Shift Book offers a fully integrated and global communication medium for increasing efficiency.