In the service sector industries, IT plays an essential role in order to raise in a growing global outsourcing competition the necessary efficiency potentials without large-scale advance investments.

The most important key to implementing lower costs are optimum shift transitions in a multi-shift operation and a global knowledge management to guarantee a 99.9x% availability of the so-called "mission critical applications" by - thus e.g. in the field of digital shift books the research demand can be reduced by over 90% with New Solutions Finito.

The digital shift book Finito will make handwritten shift logs redundant and provide a company-wide homogenous recording of information and instructions. All information gained will be stored revision-safe in a centralized data base. This way up to 90% of the time needed can be saved e.g. when doing research.

The digital recording of shift messages allows a swift statistic evaluation. Malfunctions and errors at machines and plants can be detected manually and - as far as technically possible - also be documented automatically which is of essential significance when it comes to flow manufacturing processes.

Accumulated data will be directly taken over in the electronic shift book Finito and serve as a basis for individual reports as well as a knowledge data base for troubleshooting or optimizing work flows and safety measures.

A comprehensive configuration module for administrating reports, shift times and user rights makes Finito Digital Shift Book a flexible and highly efficient tool for industrial companies.


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