The energy industry is currently going through a radical revolution (key word: EU directive on "Creating the European internal market for electricity and gas", segregating the power supply grids etc.).

Cost lowering programs are now aiming to enhance the competitiveness of the German energy industry. In this respect the field of Operational Excellence plays an important role, "to having ratio potentials intelligently" and focusing on Asset Management in the energy industry.

So it is all the more surprising that in the field of Asset Management in parts manual solutions (checklists) or systems without offline / online coupling are used which leads to high costs and often to inconsistencies.

With a digital checklist software such as New Solution Checkware fully integrated and revision-safe TPM workflows can be created in a simple way. In one business group the TPM process of 2,200 machines is being controlled digitally and revision-safe with New Solutions Checkware.

Moreover New Solutions Checkware can optimally be used for workflows which require a high quality, a high repetition factor (even in cases of major variance) and revision safety - in the administrational field as well as in production and logistics.

This way typical productivity rises of up to several 100,000 Euros p.a. can be made per site.

Automation of business processes by intelligent forms and individual evaluation options.

Checkware - Digital Checklist Manager is the software solution for all kinds of inspections, quality assurance and audits. In many fields examinations are carried out nowadays by means of standardized forms and checklists.

  • Checkware replaces paper forms and ball-pens by intelligent forms and automates business processes. If this is done in paperwork, the information gained must be digitized afterwards.
  • With Checkware evaluations are realized in form of multilingual forms by centralized data storage - corporate-wide and across sites.
  • Thanks to the automated processing of forms and checklists a lot of time can be saved. By manual transfer of data failures can be avoided.
  • For the forms the HTML5 format will be used.
Checkware - digital checklist reporting standardized checklist management

Checkware replaces paper forms and ball-pens. The data are collected via stationary PCs or via mobile devices (e.g. Tablet PCs) on site and then synchronized with the server or workstation computers.

With Checkware you can prepare forms and checklists in a very simple way and apply them throughout the company in a homogenous manner. The software allows the realization of your own designs and layout standards and provides for a homogenous checklist management.

An authorization system makes it possible to allow individual users access only to parts of the system. The staff member practically sees only the forms and checklists which are relevant for his activity.

Checkware functions

PDF forms for filling on a stationary device or on a mobile device (tablet pc, UMPC).
  • Components freely definable: Fields for checklists and master data
  • Individual layout of forms in your own corporate design
  • Efficient synchronization mechanism
  • Revision-safe archiving in a centralized data base
  • Forms and checklists in several languages
  • Efficient authorization system
  • Flexible reporting throughout the company
  • Documentation of older form versions (history)
  • Freely definable evaluations possible through interfaces
  • Connection of additional master data systems possible
  • Logging of digital signatures - electronic signature

Checkware Digital Checklist Manager supports users during the capture by means of an input check

All data are available immediately after their collection. The evaluation can be made independent of site and location.