Synoset is a highly efficient software solution for inventorying, administration and cost accounting of technical assets in large companies and business groups, such as e.g. IT infrastructure, production plants, technical equipment of all kind, vehicle fleets and buildings including all services that are necessary to operate them.

Synoset provides transparency regarding costs, performance, yield and economic efficiency of the goods and offers an efficient management system for the running operation.

Moreover Synoset supports the definition and invoicing as well as the cost-yield-analysis of technical services - independent of whether these services are rendered internally or externally. On the basis of assets and services documented in Synoset, the costs for their usage can be allocated to the customers according to source and cause.

Synoset Functions (extract)

  • Import and administration of assets from previous systems with all performance criteria
  • Keeping of customer, person and asset related performance criteria
  • Entering and up-dating of customer, owner and account allocation data from ERP or HR systems
  • Drill Down of Asset-, owner or customer information with Explorer module
  • Recalling account allocations and bookkeeping data
  • Collecting customer specific SLA parameters with performance modes and tariffs