New Solutions widens portfolio with special software for aviation

Burghausen, January 22nd 2016 - New Solutions and it-consulting Denkl took over the DPS Business Software GmbH in Ismaning near Munich. The long-term partners widened their portfolio with a special software optimized for ground handling processes, especially in the field of aircraft deicing.

DPS Business Software GmbH supports aviation companies with optimizing their process, comprehensive services and solutions for already 20 years. DPS developed the comprehensive solution for optimized ground handling processes in aircraft deicing "AVGround DAISY" (Digital Aviation Information System) for EFM - Gesellschaft für Flugzeugschleppen und Enteisen at Munich airport. "We are glad to have an excellent subsidiary like DPS which already has a good reputation in the aviation area for already 20 years. We can see a certain potential for software developments at airlines, operating companies and their subsidiaries based on the experience of our new subsidiary", explains Christian Ehrenschwendtner, CEO of New Solutions GmbH and responsible for the engineering at DPS.

Simple integration

AvGround DAISY is constructed modularly and connected with an airport-specific connector to the IT system of the airport operator, where all arrivals and departures as well as all relevant data and incidents are shown. Therefore all deicing processes are scheduled in time, organization and settlement for the complete ground handling activities of the airport. The deicing process is quite airport-specific: "Basically all airports have similar data structure only the connector for linkage needs to be changed for the linkage. Our customers are national as well as international airports of a certain size and aviation service companies at airports", explains Klaus Denkl, CEO of it-consulting denkl GmbH.

About New Solutions GmbH

The New Solutions GmbH with location in Burghausen and Munich is a specialist for process based software solutions. This IT-service achieves an above average software quality with its' up-to-date development methods and tools for quality assurance. This company convices with a longer time experience in customer support and project management. The New Solutions GmbH has an efficient information security management system (ISMS) according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This certification refers to the implementation of software development projects like the standard software products such as Finito, Checkware and Synoset.



About it-consulting denkl GmbH

The it-consulting denkl GmbH has its' focus on IT expert leasing. The company was established in Eichenried near Munich by Klaus Denkl in 2008. The company offers customers experienced IT experts with special know-how in application development, system realization, network and data bank administration as well as appplication management services.


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