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Electronic Checklists for Industry 4.0: Exchange Even More Data

Checkware Connector for the connection of data systems with the checklist system.

New Solutions GmbH, a medium-sized provider of software solutions for the digitization of business processes on the "shop floor", has considerably expanded the capabilities of its checklist software for electronic data exchange: Checkware can now not only be connected to any data systems. Users can also integrate significantly more master data into their electronic checklists than before. Also: The app version is now also available in the Windows Store.

>> More info about the capabilities to connect to any data systems

New Solutions successfully completes first recertification for ISO/IEC 27001

New Solutions is an ISO 27001 certified software provider of shop floor software.

New Solutions GmbH, a medium-sized provider of software solutions for the digitisation of business processes on the "shop floor", has had an effective information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 since 2015 and has now successfully undergone recertification. This was confirmed by TÜV Rheinland at the end of January 2018 with the renewed issuance of the certificate. The certification refers to the implementation of software development projects as well as the standard software products Finito, Checkware and Synoset. 

>> More information on the recertification of New Solutions GmbH for ISO/IEC 27001

New: Design digital checklists yourself

Digitale Checklisten selbst designen mit dem Checkware Designer

The Checkware Digital Checklist Manager is a browser-based standard software. The user can fill, electronically sign and administrate digital checklists and dynamic forms audit-proof. New Solutions expanded the program's functionality with the latest Checkware Designer so users can create and customize forms and checklists themselves. Until now programming skills were necessary.

>> More info about the Checkware Designer

Checkware App: Fill digital checklists on a mobile device

Checkware App - digitale Checklisten on- und offline bearbeiten

New Solutions GmbH has developed an app for their standard software Checkware. Users can fill digital checklists offline on a smartphone or tablet. So far this was only possible with an internet connection. The latest Checkware app is available for mobile devices with Google Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10.

>> More info about the Checkware App for mobile devices

New Solutions widens portfolio with special software for aviation

New Solutions und it-consulting denkl haben gemeinsam die DPS Business Software GmbH in Ismaning bei München übernommen.

New Solutions and it-consulting Denkl took over the DPS Business Software GmbH in Ismaning near Munich. The long-term partners widened their portfolio with a special software optimized for ground handling processes, especially in the field of aircraft deicing.

>> More info about the takeover of DPS Business Software GmbH

Shift book and shift planning in one solution

Mehr Infos zur Personaleinsatzplanung mit dem Finito Schichtplaner

The New Solutions GmbH has expanded their electronic shift book solution Finito Digital Shift Book with a shift planner and a deployment planning. Industry customers can create, change and administrate duty rosters and link them with individual shift books. The collected shift report data is available in the work statistics for billing evaluations among others.

>> More info about deployment planning with Finito

Awarded at the innovation prize IT: BEST OF 2015 for Checkware - Digital Checklist Manager

Checkware für PC, Notebook, Tablet und Smartphone - Checklisten Software aus der Cloud mit Innovationspreis ausgezeichnet

The Checkware Digital Checklist Manager of New Solutions is one of the best applicants for the innovation prize IT 2015 by Initiative Mittelstand (middle-class). The web-based software for filling and administrating digital checklists prevailed and is between the 25 best solutions in category "on demand".

>> More about the award of checklist software Checkware

New Solutions fulfills IT safety norm ISO/IEC 27001:2013

New Solutions ist zertifiziert nach ISO 27001:2013

New Solutions GmbH has an effective information safety management system (ISMS) according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013. That was confirmed by TÜV Rheinland with a certificate end of January. The certification refers to the implementation of software development projects as the standard sofware products like Finito, Checkware and Synoset.

>> More about the ISO 27001 certification of New Solutions GmbH

Finito 4.0: Shift book software out of the cloud

New Solutions GmbH offers their proven shift book software with the latest version Finito 4.0 as a cloud software. Users can use the program similar to Microsoft Office 365 or Google app for business over the internet. Customers already booked the "software as a service"-version of Finito since October.

>> More about the new shift book out of the cloud



Latest version: Shift book Finito 4.0 now available as industry app

Schichtbuch Finito 4.0 jetzt als Industrie-App verfügbar

New Solutions GmbH launched the latest vesrion of their proven shift book software Finito 4.0 for the industry. The program is aligned on mobile applications for the use on tablet PCs and industry tablets of the latest generation. The handling is simple and intuitive thanks to the smart and clear app surface.

>> More about the latest version of Finito 4.0 as industry app

Automatic data transfer between shift book software Finito and SAP® PM

Automatischer Datenaustausch zwischen Schichtbuch-Software Finito und SAP® PM

The shift book software for the industry Finito has an interface to the technical shift book of SAP® (SAP® PM). Collected error notifications of Finito are given to SAP® PM with the push of a button; on the other hand shift workers get current information of the processing status. That accelerates the processes, improves communication and minimizes the down times.

>> More about the Finito interface to SAP® PM




Checkware: Electronic checklists and forms for all devices

Elektronische Checklisten und Formulare als Cloud Software

Checklists and forms of all kinds can be standardized and adjusted electronically and are available worldwide. The program for filling and administrating digital checklists is based on the latest web technologies and adjusts automatically to all platforms and device sizes.

>> More about the latest version of Checkware, the checklist management system