Software Solutions for "Industry 4.0" - Internet of Things

Industry 4.0 - the fourth industrial revolution is closely linked to the increasing miniaturization of intelligent chip systems and their worldwide networking. In the future, these virtual technologies will increasingly be linked to the real world of production. Today we can produce every single object in production - be it packaged goods, consumables, machines, wear parts or similar. with a small embedded computer, the so-called "embedded systems", and address them worldwide in real time via the Internet. They are monitored and evaluated in real time via remote access via mobile devices such as tablet PCs. This comprehensive networking of all components and those involved in production is a prerequisite for the emergence of the so-called "Smart Factory", the self-organizing factory.

The Smart Factory can do this better than today's factories:

Industry 4.0 enables a varied, customer-specific individualized production with distributed, possibly heterogeneous resources under volatile boundary conditions. Even under complex conditions, reaction times are significantly shorter. Energy and material are saved and the production of small batches is cheaper. In the opinion of many industrial companies, this step is essential in order to be able to act efficiently.

Until now this was not possible because...

... the intelligent networking was missing. Today's production systems are often isolated solutions, each with its own programs. In the future, the classic automation pyramid will be replaced by a network of distributed, decentralized systems that can communicate with each other.

Industry 4.0 only works when all network nodes know what data is needed. Small, web-enabled software programs play a decisive role in the processing of the "raw material" data. They connect all hardware components across manufacturers and locations and evaluate their data. 

This is where New Solutions GmbH has its core competence

With Finito 4.0, users can directly access current production data via their Tablet PC

We support companies in the cost-effective development of industry 4.0 solutions based on standardized web technologies. In addition to individual developments, our portfolio also includes standard programs such as the Finito 4.0 shift book software.

With Finito 4.0, users can already access current production data directly via their Tablet PC from any location. Finito 4.0 can be connected to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for production control, to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programs as well as to systems for machine and production data acquisition in the sense of networking processes, which is a central component of industry 4.0 strategies.

In this way, users can keep an eye on the most important production key figures in real time and react quickly to production fluctuations if required. 

With cloud connectivity in Finito 4.0, New Solutions has a new approach to implementing industry 4.0 projects. The data is transmitted via an encrypted connection to New Solutions' data center in Germany. The software specialist stores the data entrusted to it exclusively in the German legal area and in accordance with German regulations and compliance requirements.

How far-reaching will the change be?

For the individual plant, Industry 4.0 is by no means necessarily a must for total networking and conversion of processes and procedures that have grown over the years. The plant operator determines the degree of linkage and is not pressed into prefabricated procedures. He retains full control of the processes.

The benefits of Industry 4.0 will therefore not immediately unfold in a revolutionary way, but will gradually change the industry in the coming years.